Feedback from our parents

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Ciao a tutti.
I just want to say a big thank you to Dora and the team for the fabulous work they do with all the children. I no how much my daughter , Aurora, enjoys attending every Wednesday morning. We sing and dance to the songs at home or in the car, and Aurora pretends to talk to Dora on the phone, and constantly asks ‘who’s at scuola?’ and ‘chi e’?’ after she knocks on the door. Most importantly I’m so glad that Aurora can be exposed to the Italian culture in such a warm and friendly environment.

Oct 14, 2013   //   by Nicholas Bieber   //   Testimonials  //  Comments Off

After saying goodnight and turning off the light for Aurora’s sleep time, she decided she was going to sing ‘Stella stellina’ all by herself- she sang the whole song and did so well I has to hold back my laughter and tears :)

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Thanks so much for the photo Dora! Stephie is loving Coccinella so much. Your program is so well planned and delivered! You and your staff are wonderful with the children, completely engaging! We could not be happier with the school. Thanks, Jill