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What a fantastice Italian school! It is our favourite day of the week! We look forward to Maestra Dora’s creative and fun classes each week.
Mamma di Carla

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Noah has been attending La Cocinella pre-school for almost 3 years. He initially commenced in the 6 months- 2.5 year old program and recently started the 3 year program. The programs have been excellent in the development of my son’s language skills, with programs tailored to work with children’s growth and development. The school is very resourceful; the programs are quite structured and themed to adapt Italian-Austalian way of life and culture. While there is structure in the delivery of lessons, children are engaged in a nuturing, fun and playful way. The teachers are passionate about what they do, dedicated, comforting and enthusiasm is shown in every lesson. Grazie tanto!

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Since her very first day last term, my two year old loves her La Coccinella classes. The holidays were too long for Selina, for weeks she’s been randomly singing lines of songs learnt in class.

Her interest and enjoyment of the Italian language reinvigourates my own enthusiam as we learn together.

At least once or twice a week I am questioned “what’s Big Bad Wolf in Italian?”, or “what is biscuit in Italian” and once, memorably “what’s pizza in Italian?”

​Rachel Lehman (Mamma di Selina)

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We have been attending la Coccinella since my son laurence was 8 months old. He absolutely loves and enjoys all the activities Dora and the other teachers plan for our Friday mornings. From giocare con le balle , story time to the art activities.
​It is so important for me to have my child learn Italian just as I did when I was younger and in the 2 years he has been attending I am very surprised and proud at how well he can count in Italian and understand the language.
​Dora has done an outstanding job to get these children to learn this language in a fun and happy atmosphere.

Very happy and proud mum!

Melina (Mamma di Laurence)

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Oliver and I have really enjoyed our first year at La Coccinella Italian Pre School. It has been wonderful to watch Oliver develop and enjoy the class (he especially enjoys the coloured balls activities). It’s also been fantastic for me personally, by vastly improving my very limited Italian language skills and learning more about my Italian heritage through not only the class and teachers, but all the amazing parents.

Grazie Mille,
​Aimee & Oliver Riley

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Alice started at La Coccinella Pre School at the age of 2. I was amazed how quickly she has picked up some of the Italian language as we have no Italian background. It has been a fantastic experience which we hope to continue until Alice starts primary school.
Thanks Dora for teaching in a fun and creative atmosphere.

Jess (Mamma di Alice)

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I would highly recommend La Coccinella. Allegra loves her Italian classes, excellent mix of music, art and language education. She thoroughly enjoys her Bimbi class, looking forward to each week, she counts down the days until the next class. She is always singing the songs that she learns in class. Thank you for looking after her so well.

Tania Neef

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From when we started attending La Coccinella Italian Pre-school at 8 months of age to now, 6 months later, I’ve noticed improvements in my daughter’s gross-motor skills, language comprehension and general confidence. She will happily point to her nose when asked in Italian and will lean forward, lips ready for a ‘bacio’ when prompted in Italian. When we sing the songs from class at home it brings an instant smile to her face (and mine!). It is exciting and rewarding to be seeing these results already.

Daniela (Mamma di Eliana)

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Every week I love bringing my 16 month old son to La Coccinella. We have been coming to class since he was 8 months old.

Even though he is little he has gained so much and enjoys his time so much. I cannot believe how much we fit into our 45 minute piccolissimi session.

As an English speaking household I hope we can encourage with these lessons for Damon to continue to learn the wonderful Italian language.

Grazie a tutti a La Coccinella.

Andrea (Mamma di Damon)

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Daniel and I love attending La Coccinella each week. The Italian songs and dancing bring me back to my childhood.  Daniel has thrived attending La Coccinella, the small class sizes have been perfect for him, with lots of attention from the caring teachers and staff.

Over the time he has attended I’ve seen this help his confidence and has helped increase his awareness and comprehension of the Italian language.  Daniel’s favourite time each week is the activity at the end which builds on language learnt in class.  He proudly shows off his La Coccinella activity book to lots of friends and family when they visit us.

I would recommend La Coccinella to anyone who wants their child to learn Italian in a fun environment. I will be bringing my second child there too.

Fiona Leggiero-Christoff