Our Italian Teacher Dora Menz

Ciao, I am Maestra Dora. I love teaching children Italian! It is my passion!  Over the course of my teaching career I have had extensive teaching and leadership experience. I have been a classroom teacher for over 25 years for the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in Victoria, an Educational Consultant and lecturer at Tertiary Institutions.

Teaching Italian is where my career first began. I have taught Italian in Melbourne and in country Victorian schools for many years as well as running Italian immersion classes in Kindergarten. I integrate the Arts to both engage and enhance their teaching of Italian. My philosophy is simple, children want to have fun and this is how they ‘engage’ in learning. Therefore we offer a playful environment  to teach children Italian, where drama, music, visual arts and performing arts are an integral and viital part of our program.

I believe strongly that young children learn best though play and we apply this philosophy to our approach.  Not only do your children learn, but so you you!

A presto!